This past weekend, GOP candidate, Donald Trump, had his 1995 tax return published by the New York Times. And while it would seem shocking to those who perhaps haven’t always paid attention to politics, Republicans have been getting hit this way for decades …

As Jim Geraghty points out, partisanship overrules most things sadly these days.

Awww, remember this? How many times did Democrats call W. stupid and use these same Yale transcripts as a means to prove it? Hello typical and predictable media.

Oh that evil plumber speaking out against Obama! We better shut him up and shut him down … and what better way to do that than through his family. Dirty pool Democrats but again, all too typical.



Oh look, another Republican whose transcripts were leaked because let’s face it, to a Democrat there is nothing more offensive than someone who may not be an elitist college snob.

Wait, tax records? Say it ain’t so … surely this is the first time a Republican has had a tax return released without their say so.

Ahem. Taxes. Again. Let’s not forget our own IRS was used to target Conservative organizations … but that’s another story.

But integrity! Oath!

Hogwash. All that matters to far too many of these people is power and pandering, and what better way than to “accidentally” release an important document or two in order to make someone look bad RIGHT before an election.

Lookin’ at YOU, Democrats.