Forget how absolutely gross this behavior is in the first place, but these morons went on Twitter and bragged about doing it after the fact.

Apparently big tough guys in this day and age steal yard signs and hit women. WTG millennials.

Not to mention the song they sing is just crap, it doesn’t even rhyme or anything.

Disturbing and sad as we are looking at a group of Americans who feel empowered to do this because of the messaging they’re seeing on football fields, on TV, in the news … somehow in their young, small minds this makes them big and bad.

Really all it does is make them look like stupid criminals.

These young people are clearly not the brightest crayons in the box – stealing private property, trespassing and possibly assault? Sure, let’s record ourselves breaking the law because WHEEEEEEE.

It’s almost as if they are proud to be a repugnant group of young people, that this gives them some sort of odd “cred.”

Do they think stealing signs will keep people from voting for Trump? Or are they just being obnoxious jerks? Maybe a little bit of both.

This appears to have taken place in California so the odds of dealing with someone who is carrying are fairly minimal.

And there you have it, even people who don’t like Trump are empathizing with the people who are losing their signs and especially this woman who was beaten up. In essence these idiots are helping Trump’s campaign … of course that didn’t occur to them.