After Trump’s 1995 federal tax return was magically leaked yesterday, Hillary Clinton was quick and even gleeful to respond:

So you have to ask yourself, is she just this well-versed in her nonsensical rhetoric or did she maybe know this was coming?

And there’s this:

Granted, she could have been making assumptions about the billionaire’s taxes because that’s what Democrats do, they make assumptions and generalizations about evil rich people. But to Stephen’s point, she did almost peg this story exactly during that debate.

Surely over the next fews days we’re going to see a lot of finger-pointing and accusations made about the tax leak. Hopefully someone, somewhere blames Bush because THAT would be hilarious.

And still true. Heck, half of the NYT staff flies around with Hillary on her magical press plane.

Unicorns and leprechauns are to blame, it’s ALWAYS the leprechauns and unicorns.

Right? The press team on her plane was just hanging out and found them as reading material in the onboard bathroom.

Did she know?