Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Hyde Amendment, which keeps your tax dollars from being used to pay for abortion. And since it’s enactment the amendment has saved 2,000,000 lives.

Yes, that’s millions.

Of course one of Hillary’s big pushes is to end the Hyde so her buddies in the business of baby butchering (say that five times fast) can receive even more funding for their chop shop. So as you can imagine, while #HydeSavesLives is trending on Twitter, Cecile Richards ranted about the “dangerous” and “discriminatory” Hyde Amendment.

It’s “discriminatory” if we don’t want our tax dollars used to kill babies.

These people.

She’s inspired that legislators would fight to take YOUR MONEY and use it to pay for death. And apparently not doing so is more harmful … which makes absolutely no sense unless she meant more harmful to her crap organization.

Maybe the dollars are slowing down on the whole selling baby parts thing.

How on Earth does it make sense to people like Cecile that taxpayers should foot the bill for an abortion? We’re supposed to feel sorry for women who get pregnant and can’t afford an abortion so shucky darn, they have to be responsible and accountable to that unborn child instead of just killing them?

Gosh, we’re monsters.