As Twitchy reported earlier, a New Jersey transit train somehow crashed through a wall in the Hoboken station. Through the magic of social media, one of the injured parties posted two photos to Twitter and tweeted about her injury … cue the blood-thirsty, ridiculous, disgusting, vulture-like media.

Hey, we hope you’re ok and stuff, GIVE US YOUR PHOTOS! They’re disgusting.

Yeah, we read that you’re injured BUT …

These days the media truly is as bad as ambulance-chasing lawyers, always looking to be the first to break something for the clicks, or the business.

So you were totally just held hostage, who are you voting for in this election?

Pathetic vultures.

Wait what, you think reporters should actually leave their offices?! Quit oppressing the media, you big meanie you.

Psh, that would mean reporters have integrity. Silly.