All it took was a threat to shut down the government over the water in Flint, MI for Democrats to get EVERYTHING they wanted in the new budget.

And we wonder why Trump has been successful …

What did the Democrats get?

  • Funding for Planned Parenthood
  • Bailout monies for Flint, MI
  • Men in the ladies room
  • Funding for sanctuary cities (no really) and Obama’s executive amnesty order

Oh yeah, and not a damn thing was done to slow the ebb and flow of Syrian refugees into our country.

Way to go, GOP. Guess a better question would have been what DIDN’T they get?

Hmmm, what does Mitch rhyme with … starts with a B … nope, we got nothing.

Good question, have they ever really stood up for anything? They can’t even keep men out of the ladies room.

Editor’s note: When we were working on this article and searching through Twitter there were several tweets from several YEARS of the GOP caving and giving in to Democrats on the budget. Good times.