Perhaps Hillary should rethink asking Michelle Obama to campaign for her. This really doesn’t sound all that inspiring …

At this point many Americans would likely support just being human, we’re not asking for perfect. And the fact that this is somehow the best Michelle can do for Hillary? The ol’, “YOU BETTER VOTE FOR HILLARY OR ELSE THE EVIL RICH WHITE GUY WILL WIN” talking point isn’t exactly complimentary to Hillary.

Not good, granny.

You’d think, but we are talking about Democrats so who knows what it’s about when they vote. They might like the idea of voting for an evil woman who must swallow at least a dozen souls a day to live.

There is a sort of mean grace in Michelle when she pretends she likes Hillary and manages to passive aggressively ding her even while campaigning for her.

Hey, we don’t need a perfect candidate. Heck, we don’t even need a good candidate at this point.

Obviously we just need someone to pretend he or she has an original idea and will actually work for the country. Pretty simple to find a liar to do that.