In the ‘aftermath’ of the first presidential debate, both sides are claiming victory while giving excuses for why their candidate may have struggled at all. Hillary’s camp is of course brimming with the notion that since she is a WOMAN (no really, she is) she had a more difficult debate experience. Which is bizarre if you think about it, because all of Hillary’s campaign has been about GIRL POWER, being empowered and other dorky feminist nonsense.

Empowerment is within, it’s not dependent on the other party especially in a debate. How is it Trump’s fault if Hillary couldn’t interject enough? That’s on HER.

Bingo. Dana is dynamite when she’s on a panel, especially when she’s interrupted by some beta progressive male who thinks he can put her in her place. THAT is feminism, speaking up even when someone speaks over you. It’s not whining that being a woman puts you at a disadvantage.

Shameful for a so-called feminist to whine about such things.

And that’s the real crux of third-world feminism. They have created a protected class of women who only feed into victimized stereotypes perpetuating the idea that women are indeed weaker.

We loathe it too, Dana.