The only thing that would have made this fan girl moment more obnoxious is if Liz had thrown her underwear at Hillary.

Sorry for that visual … but it was funny.

Oh she had to go full harpy on Trump. But we’ve come to expect no less from Liz.

Hillary said this, so of course she’s saying this too … but we have yet to see anywhere in Trump’s tax plan where he’s cutting taxes for billionaires. We get it, this is their go-to talking point, how Republicans are only out for the rich guy but c’mon. Even people who don’t like Trump were scratching their heads at this accusation.

Maybe Liz missed it but neither does the robotic woman twitching and blinking uncontrollably.

Oh Hillary was definitely prepared, so prepared in fact that she came off fake and plastic.

In fact preparing as much as she did she set herself up to look robotic … unless they did actually finally roll out the Hillary robot for the debate.