As expected, the world is all a-buzz about the first presidential debate and whether you plan on watching it or not, it will likely break viewership records. There are some people talking about this like it’s the Super Bowl. Too bad they won’t allow any commercials during said debate or it would likely be a lot like the Super Bowl.

That being said, if the two major candidates aren’t enough to garner your attention, Ben Shapiro came up with some … interesting … ideas for the debate tonight that would make ANYONE watch, even people who don’t follow politics.

Well, make them watch and maybe get totally grossed out.

Ok, so this scene is not unlike many memes we have seen out there where Hillary is the Wicked Witch of the West.

Getting a little more graphic here with the idea of any candidate punching him (or her?) self in the nuts. And sorry but Hillary already coughed up a lung, we saw it happen.

Wait wait wait, no feces. No. And c’mon, Hillary has likely robbed thousands of blind children, this wouldn’t be all that surprising.

EEEK! Although if Trump handed Hillary a box of tampons even her base might consider voting for him. Plus Satan claimed Hillary’s soul decades ago.

No. And maybe.

A shout-out to Manson? “Look, I’m not familiar with Charles Manson …” and please don’t give Hillary any ideas.