The new scent from Hillary Clinton will singe the inside of your nostrils and perhaps scare small animals in your neighborhood …

Desperation. For when your campaign is going down the tubes and you don’t know how to salvage it so you start in with nonsense, whining and paranoia.

Ok, so you know this probably smells like old hard candy, hairspray, body odor and wet dog.

*gross shiver*

And they’re concerned Trump will be “graded” on a curve? Isn’t that what all candidates go through during a debate? There isn’t some magical point system that says hey, this person won. It’s subjective, some people will think Trump won, some will think Hillary won and others will be so drunk they won’t know who won.

That’s the beauty of elections.

Nope, it’s definitely more in the “why does your grandma smell so weird is there bad milk in the refrigerator” range.

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