Because you know, the first presidential debate doesn’t already promise to be absolutely insane … enter the Green Party.

So what does she plan to do? Set up tents outside the venue and throw glitter at the candidates?

Ok so although she won’t bet setting up weird tents and not showering for several weeks, Stein WILL be live tweeting her own answers to the debate questions tonight so in a way she is taking part, which is also what Governor Johnson is doing. Which should be at the very least entertaining.

RIGHT? She scares us a little. Dude, she was arrested for protesting …

Maybe. Although in a way ya’ gotta admire her absolute dedication to ignoring reality.

But #Occupy! *cue spirit fingers*

ELEVENTY BAZILLION AMERICANS want them in the debate man, c’mon. There’s a stat out there for everything if you’re willing to look for it.

And it’s go time or something.

Admit it, you have no idea who that is, right?

We didn’t either.

Sorry Jill, when people don’t even really know who your VP is?

Eh …