Looking through Hillary’s Twitter feed it seems a bit manic and paranoid heading into tonight’s debate. Granted, she is usually a little off and posting ridiculous things about Trump but today she seems especially off kilter.

Could she be worried?

Her team is REALLY hitting this talking point, as if she thinks for some reason there is a grade here. And what’s their point anyway? Don’t “grade” Trump on his debate as if he’s not an outsider instead of an establishment hack like Hillary? C’mon. He doesn’t have decades of running for office and will be debating in his first presidential election. Maybe she should focus on her own game plan and stop trying to control the other team and the debate itself.

In which case there would be ZERO curve, correct.


See, people are super considerate Hillary, stop worrying so much.

Silly peon, don’t you know Hillary knows BEST what we want?

And in typical Democrat fashion, she has gone the route of BE SCARED OF THE OTHER GUY because she may have finally realized she doesn’t have much to offer as a candidate. The ol’ “vote for me so that guy doesn’t win” messaging.


Her lack of self-awareness grows more painful by the day.

There’s always that too …