Not just ‘a cause’ but THE SINGLE BIGGEST cause …

Ghoul. But you knew that.

Not just children but FORCED CHILDBIRTH. Like women don’t play a part in getting pregnant, it’s just sporadically forced on them by some mystical pregnancy fairy.

So basically what Gloria is doing here is pushing abortion as a means to stop global warming.

Steinem saw an opportunity to push her first agenda (abortion) by pretending it will save the polar bears or some other nonsense, aka her second agenda.

Hey, at least he was fair, right?

Not exactly but every once in awhile she crawls out from under her bridge and says something silly.


Exactly. Ever the epitome of class,  she said this at a Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

And as you might have guessed, Steinem was likely at this fundraiser for one reason (well two if you count her raising money for people to kill babies) and that reason was to campaign for Hillary Clinton.