It’s pretty basic folks … if you get pulled over here’s what you do:

Gosh. That’s it? The way the Left talks about these things you’d think it takes a whole lot more not to get killed during a basic traffic stop.

Yes, that’s sarcasm.

Thousands and thousands of people are pulled over every day and wow, most of them have figured out how this works.

Pretty simple.

If the officer asks for your license, give it to them.

If the officer asks for your insurance, give it to them.

Don’t talk back, don’t presume they are pulling you over to give you a hard time.

And guess what, you’ll drive away to live another day.

Isn’t it ridiculous that we are having this type of discussion, that it’s not just common sense to listen and be respectful when pulled over, especially if you ARE breaking the law.

Yup. Odds are if you resist and approach a cop while brandishing a gun regardless of your skin color you may get shot. CRAZY RIGHT? You’d think the cops would be able to understand your intent and not shoot if you’re just walking around with a gun and resisting because you feel like it.

Wait what? What is this common sense you speak of? Surely this is a micro-aggression of some sort … how dare you?!