Apparently a bunch of students at the University of Kansas interrupted a Young America’s Foundation meeting to complain they had their feelings hurt and since the people meeting were Conservative they were to blame.

Oh yeah, and they called them a bunch of white supremacists.

Here’s the video:

The YAF group seems to handle the situation very well explaining the difference between words and actions. They also explain they are not responsible for “a certain word in society” that the students find offensive.

But the students seemed like such a friendly group.

It truly does seem the days of speaking your mind unless you’re a certain demographic are going out the window.

What’s most troubling about the video  is the obvious sense of entitlement the students interrupting have. As if they somehow are “entitled” to interrupt that meeting and accuse Conservatives of being racists because of their “protected class.”

Psh, free speech is only free if people agree with what you’re saying, silly.

Nope, you can’t.