Just when you think that MAYBE they’ve gone as far into crazytown as they can go, they surprise you time and time again. This latest climate change nonsense is not that it’s just manmade but that it’s the existence of man, specifically having babies, that is killing Mother Earth (cue the weeping hippies).

Even then we make babies (sorry feminists, that’s how babies are made) … so wait, is Bloomberg saying we should kill babies? Is this some passive aggressive way for the Left to hit both of their pet agendas with one sad, lame and pathetic idea?

Ooooh look at their pretty graph … dang Australia is BUSY, if you catch our drift.


While you may disagree that man controls the climate (as most rational and sane people do), the thought of less crazy Lefties running around isn’t a horrible one … birth control for the win.


That and having babies which we should clearly stop doing right away if we don’t want the Earth to explode or something.

HEY NOW, we can’t have that. No no no, no God references or you may trigger the entire movement which would likely be far more catastrophic than people having babies.