Facts are an inconvenient thing when your whole agenda and movement is based on lies and emotional rhetoric.

Yup Dana, that’s it in a nutshell.

Apparently Mr. Scott was a violent repeat offender who approached a cop with a gun and somehow the officer responding the way he did was wrong because of Scott’s skin color.

Or at least that’s what the “protesters” seem to believe.

A legacy Obama is working OVERTIME to protect while promoting Hillary Clinton.

Democrats are weird.

CNN and every other Leftist media outlet who needs this story to be about racist cops for their ratings. Like we said before, facts are inconvenient things.

Which means he shouldn’t have been legally able to possess a fire arm, let alone open carry.

One has to question why this man was on the streets, it wasn’t like he was arrested and convicted for marijuana or speeding tickets, we’re talking violent assault. This is the kind of person who should not have a gun and yet it seems the Left in their desperation to promote their odd agenda is pretending that Mr. Scott should have been protected via the Second Amendment.

It’s funny when the Left acts like they give a damn about the Constitution.

Yup. That’s what we’re seeing … oh, and this happy horse manure.

Gun rights are for all Americans unless they are felons which is THE LAW. You know, you gun control types are always pushing for common sense gun control and gosh, golly and gee, keeping guns from a violent felon is common sense gun control. It’s not a racial thing, if a white man had been convicted of violent assault and was brandishing a weapon while approaching a police officer he too would have met this same fate.

And why would Eugene be in favor of any person carrying illegally … interesting.

At this point, Eugene has not answered Dana … anyone else not surprised?