But Obama, Hillary wants to WIN the debate …

Be yourself.

Is this some sideways attempt by the president to sabotage Hillary during the debates? C’mon, does he REALLY think Hillary being herself is a good idea?

Oooh ooh, we know! Because “herself” is an evil, sneaky, lying, dirty, corrupt, career politician? Just guessing here …

Sure, but which is which?

Honestly she needs to be a little more Bernie Sanders and a little less Hillary Clinton if she really wants to win Democrats over. Or at the very least be a bit more human and a bit less robotic.

And she needs to smile more.

Bad advice.

Horrible advice even.

Clearly we have seen when Hillary is “herself” she struggles. If Obama really wanted to help her he’d say, “Be someone else, at least during the debate.” Or maybe he’d just tell her to take a selfie and blame Bush.

One way or another yes, that will take care of it. Ha!