Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill Monday that regulates greenhouse-gas emissions tied to cow farts.

Well then.

We can’t even make this up.

How on Earth do you regulate cow farts?

Is that someone’s job? Good gravy, can you imagine being a cow fart regulator? Following cows around, notating when they pass gas … and how about telling people what you do for a living? Oh yeah, I’m a cow fart regulator.

Yeah, that? Wait, is this one of those jobs Democrats insist Americans won’t do so we need to let illegals in?

Apparently cows are farting more in the Sacramento area? Californians are interesting. Yup.

The green agenda needs to STOP oppressing cows! Let them fart in peace dagnabbit.

If only they would regulate the hot air politicians emit when they speak, or when they pass ridiculous legislation like regulating cow farts.