Yesterday we reported on Jill Stein advocating for the voting age to be dropped to 16 and we questioned if she WAS mental.

And the answer is yes, yes she is.

Who in their right mind would want 16 year olds voting? They can hardly drive, do we really want to let them have a say in the way the country runs? Imagine the free things they’d push for: free iPhones, free WiFi, free coffee … wait, Leftists are doing that anyway, so maybe it’s not such a big deal?


Whoohoo for the uninformed voters! Yay!

RIGHT? She’s nuts.

Even her supporters in the Green Party (and these people are OUT there, man) think she’s wrong about this.

Thank you for saying what we couldn’t but were totally thinking. Heh.

Way too much sad truth in this.

Uh oh, now people want to raise the legal age to drive – watch out, Jill.