Earlier this week, BizPac Review reported on Sally Kohn going on CNN and saying that free speech is somehow connected to white privilege or some other happy nonsense so it’s “good” if conservatives feel unable to speak on college campuses.

Basically she believes conservatives use free speech as a smokescreen to be racist or whatever, and insisted while there are certain words and phrases that may not offend middle and upper-class whites those same words and phrases may offend minorities.

She went so far as to say it’s good if conservatives feel unable to speak on college campuses.

Nice, right?

The story made its way to Twitter, where Nick Searcy and others took issue with it.

It’s what fascists do. And yikes, that’s not a good visual, Nick. Let’s all hope Sally does not show her ass.

As long as the free speech and debate is taking place with people she agrees with or features topics and issues that support her agenda she absolutely supports it. It’s when people disagree with her that she gets fussy.

And speaking of fussy, Ben’s tweet made Sally fussy because they debated earlier this year, like that somehow makes the statement that ‘it’s good if conservatives feel unable to speak freely’ a good thing.

Oooh, that put Ben in his place. Oh wait, no it didn’t.

Odds are she has not heard of this effect and likely won’t go out and search to learn what it is because she obviously feels quite empowered to tell others they shouldn’t have the right to say certain things.

It’s only discrimination when people on the right do it. Duh.

And of course Sally had to go down THIS path to prove that she was right to say conservatives should be silenced … even though this is hardly a majority of conservatives.

Maybe Sally missed the part about defending free speech, even speech she disagrees with.