If you can watch this video of Hillary responding to multiple attacks over the weekend without thinking of the famous phrase, “Take me to your leader,” you get a cookie.

The woman is a robot.

Could she BE any less empathetic? Clearly she just needs to smile more … heh.

For the most part she says the things you expect any politician to say, but of course the Leftist in her keeps her from calling it Radical Islamic TERRORISM. She calls it an ideology which we have learned is a fancy way to say Islam without really saying it. Repeat after us … Radical. Islamist. Terrorism.

And wow, she looks unenthused and really tired.

What a lackluster boring speech. Terrorists aren’t intimidate and voters aren’t reassured that tired, sleepy Hillary can or will protect the country. Lose lose, Hillary.

She does NOT have exactly the best track record when it comes to keeping Americans safe, this is true.

You’d think she may have been programmed here, she’s so robotic, stiff and practiced. Is Bill in the plane with some remote control? Wait, don’t answer that.

Of course not, she’s very busy protecting Obama’s legacy.