Apparently if the culprits who set off a bomb last night in #ChelseaNYC aren’t from a different country the act of terror isn’t quite as bad … or something. Hey, Governor Cuomo says so.

Relevant agencies. Hrm. And again, what relevance does international have on this event? Terror is TERROR, governor.

But JUUUUUUUUST in case they’re adding more troops and police to the situation, even though HEY, it may not be as horrible since you know, it might have only been a domestic incident.

The stupid burns, does it not?

Huh is right? Wha?

Like it MATTERS if it was international or domestic? Hey guys, someone tried to kill a bunch of people BUT they may not have been foreign so nothing to see here.


Oh well that totally makes this ok, governor. Not a big deal that there was an intentional bombing as long as no one died. Who are these people? It is the ACT sir.

BUT they’re not international … or maybe they are? Well, there’s no EVIDENCE that it was international so Cuomo is going with that talking point for now.

The spin on this is enough to make one throw up, a lot.