The media was literally falling all over themselves to use the #ChelseaNYC bomb against Donald Trump in any way they could. Oh noez, he called a bomb a bomb … quick, let’s write about how stupid Trump is so we don’t have to write about how absolutely useless Democrats have been in stopping terror.

Oh, that’s right.

Always always ALWAYS an agenda with the media.

A warped sense of reality where Hillary is their queen and they do everything in their power to destroy any and all opposition. Scary, right? Forget that Hillary also called this a bomb …

Clearly Hillary had just crawled out of bed and was super tired or something so she can’t be held accountable for the nonsense that came out of her mouth.


Face it, of course the media could spin this into some sort of accident. Let’s see … the ‘terrorist’ just accidentally dumped an IED into that dumpster, he thought it was a sub sandwich wrapper.

Yeah, that’s it.