Interesting how Obama plays people politics with the black community … almost like he’s singling out a group of people because of their skin color.

Gosh, what do you call that again?

And of course his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation dinner on Saturday night was the perfect opportunity for him to pull out his handy dandy race card once again.

An insult to his legacy if the black community votes for Trump.


Not to mention he was saying all of this after attacks in NJ, NY and MN all in the same day.

That it is.

And how DARE they consider voting for any Republican because the Democrats have been SO successful thus far in the black community.

Even shorter, I only care about this community when I can exploit them for an agenda and votes. Wait, that was longer but hey, you get the point.

It’s imperative that Obama keeps the black community beholden to Democrats, they need that base to win any election. So like other good Leftist he will say things like this, guilt the black community and desperately try to intimidate and scare them.

It’s honestly disgusting … and it is indeed his legacy.

Oh and course Hillary supported this idea because she needs their votes.

Vote for the evil, rich white woman or Obama’s legacy will fall into the hands of someone who will drag us backwards. Really Hillary?