Oh Hillary, do you really want to talk about disgrace? We could be here awhile. And to try and pretend Trump started this whole birther issue? That’s a disgrace, lady.

You’ve done so many things we could call a disgrace, we’re not entirely sure where to start. But do go on …

Isn’t it cute how Hillary ignores the reality that this conspiracy theory started in HER camp eight years ago?


Watch, now she’ll break out the weak Politifact article that says she didn’t start the birther movement.

He is wrong. Hillary herself didn’t supposedly start the theory, but a jack wagon in her camp did. And she knows this.

It’s racist to ask her if that’s racist, or something.

There just isn’t any getting around this, Hillary. You can claim you didn’t start it, but your campaign in 2008 certainly did.


Is she winking or is that just an eye twitch at this point?

Gettin’ rough out there, Hillary.