Oh har-de-har har, Hillary. Careful you don’t overheat there …


We’re not sure if this is sexist or just ridiculous, perhaps a little of both. And you know her team came up with this and other talking points as a way to make the pneumonia light-hearted and take the focus off of actually COLLAPSING in broad daylight.

And yes, she must make her campaign “against” others, for whatever reason she and other Democrats really struggle with the idea of getting people to vote FOR them and not just against the other guy.

Oh she knows that, she or one of her “staff” thought this was a funny way of addressing the actual concerns Republicans had about her health and whether or not she is capable of running for president, let alone running the free world.

She will absolutely say anything to get you to vote for her.

Policies? Silly, asking Hillary for policies is surely a micro-aggression of some sort. Stop oppressing her!

And there you have it, the typical reaction to a Hillary speech.

Don’t forget to roll your eyes though.