Trump released his health ‘stats’ today and in their typical fashion, the Left has accused him of lying about his weight and attacking him for being fat all while pretending their own candidate isn’t sickly.

And let’s be honest, Hillary ain’t modeling a bikini any day soon … thank God.

Trump’s doctor says he is in excellent condition.

You know the Left can’t stand this but of course Trump didn’t collapse at some major event over the weekend.

Hillary did.

And their health concerns are hardly equal – let us know when Trump can’t control his legs and has to be carried into a van.

His weight doesn’t seem to bother his base …

That being said, 236 pounds at 6’3″ is hardly fat.

But hey, it’s the Left we’re talking about here, and this is what they do best.

And they pretend not to shame people for the way they look … hypocrites.

Does seem we’re seeing a double standard here, yes?

This won’t end well for the Clinton campaign.