But will it appeal to the GOP?

Honestly Hillary has been taking the woman’s vote for granted, so is this smart on Trump’s part to basically break with the party line and promote something the Left has been whining about for a long while?

We shall see.

This could definitely put a wrench in the “Trump doesn’t care about women” talking point Hillary has been pushing for the last YEAR, and that’s likely why he’s pushing this policy.

Whether or not it’s something the right will applaud, Trump is clearly thinking outside the GOP norm to appeal to women, who have been a challenge for the GOP nominee.

More information on the policy …

And this.

Let’s be honest, even if you don’t agree with the idea of the government enforcing maternity leave, it will be fun to watch the Clinton campaign implode trying to debate this when it’s something THEY want, a policy THEY’VE pushed.