Hillary has had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad 72 hours …

Earlier today we reported that even David Axelrod is giving Hillary a hard time, and Piers seems to agree with him.

Uh-oh, Hillary.

Quick, pull the woman card, tell us all how Piers Morgan is oppressing you …. call him deplorable. Something.

Ouch. Like we said, Piers is definitely making it a point that he’s not #WithHer. In fact it would almost seem that he’s #AgainstHer.

His whole timeline is a Hillary bash fest.

Did we miss the ‘Piers isn’t a Leftist’ memo? Or maybe he just recognizes evil when he sees it?

This likely got Piers added to a basket.

She really has.

Wait, we agree with Piers Morgan?! QUICK, someone check to see if Hell froze over.