Media has been reporting on Hillary’s cough for quite awhile …

And whether or not it was a story then, it’s certainly a story now that Hillary fell down and went boom.

Apparently the media was still trying to pretend this wasn’t a story even just six days before the “incident.”

Not a story? Guess Nick Merrill, Hillary’s “traveling press secretary” (whatever that is) also took issue with the story and addressed that actual reporter and not in a pleasant manner.

Gosh Nick, that’s not very nice.

Why would you tell someone to “Get a life?” Isn’t that kinda sorta unprofessional or is it okay to be so smug if you work for Hillary Clinton?

Or were you afraid they were onto something here?

He tweeted that just six days before Hillary’s “medical episode” … oh the karma.

Guess the non-story is sort of a main story now, eh Nick?

There’s the crux of this whole thing. Clearly Hillary isn’t well and instead of owning up to this fact her team has been desperately trying to hide it and even attacking people for thinking otherwise. Nick’s tweet proves how little they actually care about telling the truth and being honest with Americans.

Perhaps it is Nick who needs to get a life.