Silly football players, leave it to the trouble makers, the REAL wacko birds who know how to protest and make a difference.

Ted was responding in kind to this nonsense from Jalen Rose … fall for anything? Yeah, they already did that, champ.

Try not to roll your eyes too much, you could hurt yourself.

Seems pretty basic. Sitting on a bench or kneeling might impress the small-minded fist shakers who don’t really understand what it is they’re fighting for, but it won’t make a difference and it certainly won’t change anything.

They’re far too busy pretending to be deep and edgy by disrespecting the flag and our National Anthem to actually think about values or standing up for something real. No they’d rather sit down and pretend that’s doing something.

THAT’S the real protest, and that’s exactly what Ted is calling for.

That’s what it will take, especially when the NFL Commish himself is saying he might punish players for honoring 9/11.

Or how about they actually get INVOLVED in those urban cities and put their money where their mouth is, walk the walk instead of just talking the talk? You know, truly make a change instead of behaving like some spoiled, bored, rich guys.