As it is the 15th anniversary of the worst terror attack ever on American soil, Michael Moore took the opportunity to act like a giant douche on his timeline.

Not that this all that different from other days but you’d think maybe, JUST MAYBE, he’d give it a rest today.

But oh no.

Yes, President Bush didn’t run from the room like some panicked lunatic, what good would that have done?

Of course there’s that as well – Moore is very wealthy from acting in this way, so perhaps it’s just a reminder that he’d exploit his mother if he thought it would make him a buck.

Because Michael knows that he would have pee’d down his leg and that doesn’t exactly make for a great story.

Apparently Bush should have run from the room screaming, “RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIIIIIIIVES.”

The Left is so dramatic.


Michael didn’t share this for any other reason than to trash Bush on a day when we should be remembering the innocent Americans lost. Notice he spends no time mourning the people killed or respecting the people killed trying to save them, oh no, he’s far too busy acting like the jerk he is.