Gosh, poor Hillary, nobody knows pain and suffering like the privileged daughter of a surgeon going to an elite ivy league school … however did she manage?

Humans … that’s stretching it.

EXACTLY! Look out Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Anne Frank … Hillary’s suffering is REAL and true! It was so awful she sometimes closes herself off to protect herself, or something.

HA HA HA HA. Couldn’t write that with a straight face, not even close.

She faced them down with a piece of chewing gum, a paperclip and a copy of Sylvia Plath’s, “The Bell Jar.” GIRL POWER!

Or that sniper fire in Bosnia.

So inspirational.


Tears of laughter.

She was raised a poor black child … yeah, that’s it.

Right?! Walking the streets of her clean, safe, suburban “hood” she ran into all sorts of adversity like fences, mowed lawns, ice cream men … the horror she must have faced.

Make me a sammich … THAT’S adversity, man.

Total adversity.

That she’s still standing at all says so much … the struggle is real.