Most Powerful Women.

That’s adorable.

You are more likely to find someone she’s blocked than not blocked on Twitter. Unless you are a gun grabbing fanatic crazy person who makes odd jokes comparing guns to male genitalia she likely has no desire to see you in her feed.

Or unless you like to exploit the horrible deaths of people by gun accidents … she likes those people too.

She’s weird like that.

Many people have never even interacted with Watts, likely she uses some sort of “block list” because she’s so powerful and stuff.

Truth be told, she has at least ONE Twitchy editor blocked if not more.

We can only BASK in her power.

Ha ha ha.

Odds are Shannon DID miss it because she likely has Dana and everyone else who follows Dana blocked.

Oh, and look what happened.


It’s like Margaret Thatcher said, if you have to tell people you’re a lady, you’re not. Same as being powerful – if you have to tell people you’re powerful, you’re not.

Side note: The editor of this piece MAY or may not be blocked by Shannon. Ahem.