Apparently the Burlington, VT Police Department has had enough of Kaepernick and his refusing to stand for the National Anthem … not to mention his silly pig socks. Their Twitter account basically ‘ticketed’ the QB with these tweets:

It does, but he won’t want to admit it.

The Burlington Police bring up an interesting point, they compare Kap’s ‘antics’ to those of actual activists. Ali wouldn’t have sat around on his backside playing big baby and wearing pig socks to make some silly statement.

And of course, enter the Leftists who accused the BPD of being whiny and unprofessional, which is highly ironic if you think about it.

These sad people will really do ANYTHING to perpetuate the idea of victimhood and push their oppression BS …

BPD held their ground just fine.

Inspire vs. alienate.

Surely in the world of these activists that phrase is a micro-agression of some sort.

In closing, take a look at their whole Twitter feed if you get a chance, these cops don’t play.