This caller is ticked off and he, like many other Republicans, has every RIGHT to be.

And Rush has the nerve to say he never took Trump seriously on immigration.


But back in November Rush said he DID take Trump seriously.

So which is it, Rushbo?

Oh that’s right, Rush is just an entertainer so you know, he’s not responsible in any way for the absolute mess the media has made of the GOP.

Nope. *eye roll*

Rush really should go back and listen to his own shows, he might find he disagrees with himself more often than he realizes.

But is he to blame?

Amazing isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind when we think about Rush and others like him (Hello Hannity) playing games with this election for ratings and book sales.

But is he really on the Trump train? In this clip he seems to say he’s not … or that he didn’t take the train seriously?


He was, which is why Rush hung up on him.