What would we do, baby, without the Left?

We have to believe that Justine Bateman is just really that out of it, otherwise boy howdy, the lights are on but nobody is home. Can’t tell if she was really this confused about the Tea Party or not … wow.

No one on the right ever called themselves Tea Baggers. That came from the loving Left – see you.

She tried to clean her foot off after she stepped in it, but by then it was too late.

OH HA HA, it was sarcasm. And yes, we remember, you however do not.

Careful, suggesting Justine read something is like some sort of microagression and might get you blocked.

See? Think she’ll block us for writing about her? Heh.

Wait what? A peaceful, loving, kind-hearted Hollywood “used-to-be” was insensitive in a tweet. GET OUTTA TOWN.

Oh but the silly conservatives were too stupid to know … or something.

Exactly. People in the Tea Party weren’t so stupid as to call themselves Tea Baggers, as much as Justine Bateman and her ilk would like to think otherwise. Was she deliberately being obtuse or was this a passive aggressive way to go after conservatives?

And this is why Alex was our favorite Keaton.