When a Leftist plays smug about the First Amendment and proves he’s clueless about what it actually means …

That’s not how the First works, Touré.

THAT’S how it works.


There is no guarantee in the Constitution that if you say something stupid the masses won’t mock or hold you accountable for being a dummy. And let’s face it, Kap was a dummy here.

Yup. Everyone.

Touré understands his version of America and that’s all he cares to understand.

When you criticize people who criticize someone who criticized someone for criticizing America … we could do this all day.


Of course Kap has a right to speak out (stupid or not) but Americans also have the right to be displeased with him and even stop watching his team play … that’s how it works.

Touré did continue his defense of Kap this morning (just stahp!):

Maybe not but it sure makes him look like a privileged, out-of-touch, ungrateful Lefty … sorta like you.