That had to be a spear, James may have even left his feet with that hit.

And the refs didn’t even throw a flag. Well-played, Mr. Woods.


Guess the real question is why do professional athletes feel the need to make a statement about anything in the first place? For years we have been telling Hollywood to shut up and act, maybe it’s time to tell pro-athletes to shut up and play.

There’d be a lot more football and a lot less nonsense if Woods was the commish.

Fair question.

The sad reality is the NFL knows people won’t stop watching so they won’t really do anything to stop this behavior. Clearly.

Sure. If he wants to make a difference in the lives of the oppressed he should write a check, not behave like some spoiled brat on the sideline.

He just realized it when he read some feeds on Twitter or something … yeah, that’s it.

And scene.