It’s #WomensEqualityDay … that means for at least 24 hours (probably more) “womyn” will talk about the patriarchy, the imaginary wage gap and complain about how great they have it in the US.

All under a silly hashtag on Twitter.


And that. ^^^

But here we go:

Already breaking out the patriarchy, yikes. Get out the tiny violins, people, it’s gonna be a long day.


Oh brother. If women want to make what men do than women need to do the jobs MEN DO. When was the last time you saw a female plumber?

Silly girl.

Make. It. Stop.

‘Reproductive rights,’ that’s code for abortion, right? Sorry, it’s just not possible for us to respect, protect and honor abortion. Crazy right?


There are of course thousands of tweets like these, all complaining about things that don’t really exist (stare rape) in the western world but also mixed in with the typical spew we saw several other tweets that honestly surprised us.

Like …

When will Democrats learn they just need to get out of the way?

Love this.

And this little nugget:

Psh. Patriarchy or something.

That. ^^^

Honestly the fact women have the time or even the ability to get on social media and complain about equality PROVES they are equal, yes? Crazy.