This would only have been more pander-ish (that a word?) if she had tweeted it in Spanish

Because there are all of these evil people out there trying to take women’s right to vote away?

This must be one of those “Woman Card” things, right?

It gets worse, if that’s possible.

Apparently there are “women of color” who are somehow oppressed somewhere, by what we’re not sure of, and unable to vote.

No offense but we call horse pucky.

Lots and lots of horse pucky.


She ain’t in no ways tiiiired or something (that’s our favorite Hillary pander of all time).

It’s not.

Well that does make it far easier to scare said women into voting FOR you so you remain in power … it is the Democrat way.

It’s why politicians like Hillary pander in the first place.

And that would be called pandering, yes.