Well then.

Of course Hillary FORGETS the Klan was born of the Democrats … who’da thunk it?


Awww yes, Robert Byrd, klansman and Democrat until he died six years ago. Modern-day racism on the Left which totally negates the whole “the parties magically switched places” narrative.

Yeah, the father of the Orlando gunman who said his son killed innocents because they were gay is a big Hillary fan.

But it’s the right that’s full of hateful fringe.


Sorry Hillary, you opened yourself up on this one.

Ultimately no one can take any Democrat seriously on this tidbit, clearly, with so many historical ties between Democrats and the Klan. Many Leftists (conveniently) forget the Republican party was FOUNDED to end slavery, and the Democrats fought it with a group called the Ku Klux Klan.

So tell us again who the Klan supports?