Richard Grenell simplified the Hillary email server “scandal” for some reporters who just don’t seem to get it …

In other words she didn’t want anyone to know she was taking money and giving out favors … see, we’re not even “reporters” and we get it.

Time to get out the puppets and crayons yet?

And there’s the reality of the media and Hillary’s scandal, they get it, they just don’t care.

Gotta push the narrative.

This is true, no matter how much the media tries to control the message, Americans are figuring out there’s something more going on here with Hillary’s server.

Whatever it takes, right MSNBC?

Democrats are good at ignoring problems or just simply accepting them, which the Clinton campaign was likely counting on during this election.

And if the Democrats don’t accept the reality, the media twists it until they do.

Absolutely dishonest.

Grenell went on a tweet rant slamming the media in general for “not getting it.”

Aaaaand curtain.