Oh Sally.

Sad, sad sally.

Put the Twitter down.

Granted, most of her tweets read like she lets her dog write them but this one … so bad. Is she comparing right wingers to people who dump gays off of buildings? Because that’s how it reads.

It should probably be noted here that @GayPatriot called her a twatwaffle, not us.

And it is hilarious.

Just sayin’.

Did she pull a 180? Seems she has been harping on right wingers having a problem with how Sharia Law treats the LGBT community for weeks, months … years? Which is ironically, ironic.

C’mon, just because right wingers aren’t out there throwing gays off buildings doesn’t mean … ugh you know what, this doesn’t work. How on Earth does Sally keep this up? There is literally no sane way to defend Muslims who kill gay people.

Key word, sane.

And Mormons, evil Mormons.

Or is it the Amish?


Sally and other Leftists consistently ask that we not group them together and then turn around and do exactly what they have asked others not to do.

Leftists. *shakes head*

Somehow in her warped sense of reality it does.

Yeah, we don’t get it either.

No, she wouldn’t.

Wait, you mean rights aren’t just things she wants? SAY IT AIN’T SO.

Of course she doesn’t, and she doesn’t want to know us. It is far easier for her to lump us all together into a group she can objectify and hate for her warped agenda.

Fair bet.

Still waiting for those links, right?