Take that, Alan Grayson.

Thomas Murphy, Patrick’s dad, appears to be a fairly wealthy Florida home builder who just happened to give a million bucks to a Senate Majority PAC in July.

The donation also just happened to be the largest one made in July and gosh golly gee, the super-PAC plans for a big ol’ ad buy in the amount of ONE MILLION dollars to help Murphy beat fellow progressive and all-around butt nugget Alan Grayson.

Crazy coincidence.

C’mon, that was months ago! Errr years even. Drunk and disorderly anyone?

Verrrrrrry interesting.

Anyone else having visions of Veruca Salt at the chocolate factory where she’s demanding she wants it now? See Murphy.

Oh, and he can “want” all he wants, Rubio is killing it in Florida.

Yikes Patrick, the Berniecrats don’t like you much. Wonder if your dad can fix THAT?

It’s always funny when Democrats, who claim to be for the little guy, are filthy rich and privileged.