Secretary Johnson of the DHS says the president can’t be everywhere, including Louisiana, because he has a super busy schedule.


That’s it.

HE’S ON VACATION, not like he’s out there fighting ISIS with one hand tied behind his back, saving orphans and puppies or finding a cure for cancer. Lounging about in Martha’s Vineyard, golfing, eating ice cream and listening to his Spotify playlist, that’s what his schedule is filled with right now.

Cripes people.

IMAGINE if Bush had done this.

Wow, Obama was really hard on Bush way back in 2005 – have to wonder what the Obama of 2005 would have to say about the vacationing Obama of 2016.

Giving a damn is simply not on his schedule today, sorry. HE’S BUSY.

Not sure how comparing one tragedy to another to excuse a president who is too busy golfing to care but hey, ok Geraldo.

Oh well there ya’ go. #Solidarity

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