Photos and video of a five-year-old little boy from Syria who was injured during attacks have been all over the media (both traditional and social). If you have seen the footage you know how absolutely heartbreaking it is, that such a little boy is experiencing such violence – you may have even cried.

We did.

But good ol’ Sally Kohn, in true Democrat style, used the little boy to try and hurt Trump while pushing Hillary.

Stop it. Stop using these people for YOUR agenda, Sally.

Forget Hillary’s abysmal track record in the Middle East …


Democrats only care about saving and exploiting lives they can use to push their agenda.

She conveniently leaves that tidbit out. Gosh, who’s the president right now? It’s hard to tell since he’s seemingly absent a good deal but yeah …

He’s waiting for more downloads of his summer playlist of course, silly.

Hillary does indeed own this, shameful that Sally would use this sweet little boy to play politics. Shameful.

That. ^^

Wait, wasn’t there a red line thing? That was Assad right? Heh.

Nah, she’s far too busy playing politics with this little guy’s life to pay attention to reality.