Actually people of ALL colors are sick of hearing about it, but hey, whatever you wanna believe there buddy.

Because there is no such thing as white privilege. WE KNOW, you think there is but seriously, this agenda and talking point is so 2013. Move on. It’s time. Plenty of REAL problems out there to worry about.

So much white privilege … word.

We’re still wondering … what the hell is wrong with you, man?

Where can we get a teeny tiny violin? Anyone?

Aww thanks.

Ooooh roughin’ it. Talk about privilege.

HEY. Stop oppressing him with your back-breaking labor. Psh.

People with developmental disabilities truly are the largest minority in this country, a disability doesn’t care about color, sex, persuasion, creed … so yeah, in this regard and many others you’re clearly privileged, Touré. But you knew that.